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We are women who have received a call from Christ to be totally His in spousal love. We have responded through our life-long commitment of celibacy. This consecration enables us to live a spiritual motherhood that is totally available to the needs of others. Our spiritual connection brings us and others to God in a simple, intimate, and relatable way. We are immersed in the world living in the messiness of daily life. 

We are women of all ages. We live in different cultures and countries around the world, united in the same spirituality and style of consecrated life. As consecrated women, we reside in community or live individually in Spain, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland and the United States.


Megan Christ

Dorrie Donahue

Mimika Garesché

Board Members:

Rhodora M. Donahue

Marie W. Garesche

Michael T. Gornick

Very Reverend Lawrence DiNardo, VG, JCL

Very Reverend Thomas Kunz, VE, JCD

Susan M. Kirsch, CPA, JD


Rhodora M. Donahue, President

Marie W. Garesche, Secretary/Treasurer

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