Megan Christ

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Pittsburgh, PA

Fun Fact

At The University of Virginia, Dave Matthews played for our sorority and fraternity parties before he was famous.

Favorite Scripture Passage

Mathew 11:25-30

What I'd like to say to others considering a religious vocation

I would quote St. John Paul II, “Do not be afraid! Open wide the doors of your heart to Christ.”

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My Vocation Story

My patient held what she called her “worry beads” while I finished changing her bags of I.V. fluids, the “worry beads” were in fact a rosary I gifted her when she was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer. During one of our conversations, she asked, “Dorrie, do you believe in heaven?” I don’t recall the exact words that I told her, but I remember how I felt --a longing to satiate her heart with His Love. 
I first experienced the love of God, the Father, while riding horses at my family’s farm during the summer. Those long quiet rides taught me that silence is a powerful means to feel God, His strength, and protection. As the horse would move, I felt God with me while the corn stocks would bend in the field and a deer or two would jump on occasion. I felt He had a purpose for me different than what I had known coming from a large catholic family.

God’s love, combined with a longing to know what His purpose was for me, led me to travel to Rome for Palm Sunday mass in 1994 where I had the chance to meet Saint John Paul II. The personal encounter with the pope, made me realize Christ’s calling for me was to promote the dignity of women within the church. 

For over 25 years, I have been consecrated with a lifetime vow of celibacy as the spouse of Christ. My ministry is supporting the life journey of young women through mentorship, spiritual direction, retreats, and mission trips. I am the head of the Totus Tuus household in Pittsburgh, PA where we welcome young women who want to discern our consecrated vocation or want to be close to Christ in the Eucharist by living a community life for a year.